What is Mosel

MOSEL is a tuner becoming a new revolution of the movement in the tuning business in the 21st century. It became one of the historical tuning brand developed by Japan, Germany and Italian.

The philosophy of the company is to bring a high profit for the society and customers. We are pursuing the latest trends and set the goal to realize a customer’s demand. MOSEL is a tuning manufacture in 21st. renewing the values for German tuners. Please experience the true value.

MOSEL is a super tuner brand name in Obersendfeld in Germany.

After the CEO of MOSEL, Achim Stoll, had leaned technique as mechanic, he made large profits mainly on sales and marketing at MKB and Carlson, well known as Mercedes tuner, and Gemballa, also known as Porsche tuner. In his experiences, Stoll was groping for the style of tuning manufactures in the 21st century. While he was looking for the high-end performance in the market, he was pondering what to be needed for a road model in the 21st century. That was what became a direct motive power which produced a business philosophy, namely free from the classical tuning method. Stoll’s philosophy was however very simple. It was based on advices from excellent business partners and staff in Germany or all over the world. As a result, the business model was established which enabled to send the business model with the high-end performance, design and cost performance to the market efficiently and surely. New products of MOSEL, including complete cars, will sequentially be unveiled in Japan. They will certainly give a fresh impression on the market.