What is Mosel

MOSEL is a tuner becoming a new revolution of the movement in the tuning business in the 21st century. It became one of the historical tuning brand developed by Japan, Germany and Italian.

The philosophy of the company is to bring a high profit for the society and customers. We are pursuing the latest trends and set the goal to realize a customer’s demand. MOSEL is a tuning manufacture in 21st. renewing the values for German tuners. Please experience the true value.

MOSEL is the Super Tuner Brand for German,Japanese,Italian High End Car.

Mr.Ronny Raynaud as the new president of MOSEL was the official dealer of Porsche, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, then after, he has started tuning business for each brand.Based on his place Hilzingen in Germany, he has been active for European countries and developed the new performance for 21 century.

He is looking for not only the best performance but also the necessity for road driving ,which enable him to create  the new enterprise’s philosophy that escaping from classical tuning way.Ronny’s philosophy is, however, very simple.He has so many intelligent partners in this field all over the world which enable him to develop the model with best performance, attractive design, low cost.He is going to introduce the new MOSEL product including complete car gradually to Japanese market, which will give an impressive impact in the market.